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What is Picking by Aisle?

Picking by aisle is a technique used in warehouses in which all ordered goods are collected in one go from their respective aisles. This is done irrespective of where those goods will end up later.

Significance of Picking by Aisle in E-commerce Logistics

Picking by aisle is an efficient way of picking and sorting goods as it increases e-commerce businesses’ efficiency. The following are some added advantages of picking by aisle:

  • Order picking optimization: Picking by aisle allows the business to optimize its picking process by collecting all the required goods in one run.
  • Reduction in labor cost and time: The time and labor costs are reduced by following the picking by aisle method since only one trip is required for order picking.

How Picking by Aisle Works

In picking by aisle method, the workers or pickers collect all the essential goods in one go from any particular row or aisle. For this, a company requires proper warehouse management to easily locate the items to be picked. 

Use Case With Picking by Aisle

Consider a company that has received multiple orders from different customers. Following the picking by aisle method, a designated warehouse employee gathers all the required items in one trip from the respective aisle or rows. It saves time for the worker since they don’t have to travel back and forth to pick up all the ordered goods. Subsequently, all the picked goods can be sorted according to particular orders. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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