What is Pallet?

The pallet is a sturdy platform made of wood used to handle goods through forklifts or other lifting machines. These are extensively used for freight and storage. Pallets are an integral part of warehousing systems as these safely handle goods until shipping. 

Significance of Pallet in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

The pallet is one of the most commonly chosen racking systems in warehouse facilities. These are resilient, low cost, easy to manufacture, customizable, easily available, and reusable. Here are some of the significance of a pallet.

  • Enhanced safety – Pallets help warehouse workers to move bulk products safely by providing a sturdy platform.
  • Quick delivery – These facilitate fast loading and unloading, which leads to the fast turnaround of the delivery vehicle. Hence, it improves the efficiency of the transport equipment.
  • Storage space optimization – They are stackable and explore the maximum possible benefits of the warehousing surface area.

Prerequisites for Pallet

 Here are some of the prerequisites of a pallet.

  • The weight of the pallet should be uniformly distributed; it must not be concentrated at one side or in the center. Otherwise, the pallet may become deformed, and would put the goods and the operators at risk.
  • Piling pallets on top of each other is necessary to save space in the freight vehicle or warehouse.

Use Case With Pallet

Suppose company X gets a delivery of raw materials. To store and stack the products, company X can use pallets to easily store goods and improve warehouse operational efficiency. They can also use it for years, as a wooden pallet’s average lifespan is ten years. These can be reused, repaired, or refurbished numerous times.

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