License Plate Number (LPN)

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What is License Plate Number (LPN)?

A license plate number (LPN) is a registration number or tag number, a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to a product or material. In e-commerce, businesses might use a LPN for various purposes, such as tracking the delivery of a vehicle purchased online or verifying the ownership of a vehicle sold through an e-commerce platform. 

Significance of License Plate Number (LPN)

The license plate number helps in the tracking of containers throughout the warehouse and the optimization of space utilization. There are several reasons why a license plate number (LPN) might be important in the context of e-commerce:

  • Verification: In some cases, an e-commerce business might use a license plate number (LPN) to verify a product. This can help to prevent fraud and ensure that the seller legally owns the product or material.
  • Safety: LPN is used to rapidly mode the products from one location to another without scanning the individual material. 

Prerequisites of License Plate Number (LPN) and How It Works

There are a few prerequisites that might be necessary for using a license plate number (LPN) in the context of e-commerce:

  • Accurate information: It is essential to ensure that the license plate number (LPN) provided is valid and belongs to the correct product. Incorrect or outdated information can lead to delays or errors in the delivery.

Once the LPN is in hand, companies need to store the data safely for better inventory management and tracking. 

Use Case of License Plate Number (LPN)

Suppose customers purchase a product from an e-commerce platform, they will provide its license plate number (LPN) for verification, tracking delivery, and customizing and ordering accessories after delivery. This is how businesses can use a license plate number (LPN) in the context of e-commerce.

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