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What is Hundredweight (CWT)?

Hundredweight (CWT) is a unit of weight measurement that defines the quantity of products being freighted in a shipment. The term hundredweight (CWT) can be found in commodities trading contracts. While shipping, items are also priced by hundredweight (CWT), which takes less than the entire truckload. 

Significance of Hundredweight (CWT) in E-commerce 

Hundredweight, also known as CWT (Centum/ Central Weight), helps to price smaller shipments of goods. Here are a few benefits of hundredweight (CWT): 

  • Hundredweight is usually used to define shipments that are small or weigh below the maximum limit allowed on the transportation method. 
  • Companies use hundredweight shipping as it requires less handling, leading to less damage to products. In this shipping, multiple packages can be sent without loading them onto the pallets. 

Prerequisites to Hundredweight (CWT) 

Here are some of the prerequisites of hundredweight (CWT) in e-commerce 

  • It is only used when a shipment takes up less space than the maximum limit of the mode of transportation. 
  • Hundredweight is commonly used to measure a variety of goods such as steel, grains, seeds, cattle, oil, etc. 

Use Case with Hundredweight (CWT) 

A company can opt for a hundredweight shipment if they are shipping smaller amounts of goods. For example, Company ABC wants to ship a small quantity of steel to another location using a shipment company. For this, they can opt for hundredweight shipping to save costs and time. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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