Government Bill of Lading (GB/L)

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What is a Government Bill of Lading?

A Government Bill of Lading (GB/L) is a legal document that a carrier/ transportation company issues to a shipper. It contains the details about the kind, quantity, and destination of the goods meant to be carried. It also acts as a shipment receipt to deliver goods at the prearranged destination. 

Importance of Government Bill of Lading in E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

The Government Bill of Lading is crucial in the shipping process because it is a legally binding document with an authorized executive signature. The benefits include:

  • It can be used for any litigation if required.
  • It offers the shipper and carrier all the required details to process any shipment accurately. 
  • It also helps segregate essential duties in the internal control structure to prevent theft.

How Government Bill of Lading Works and Its Prerequisites 

A Government Bill of Lading has the three main functions listed below:-

  • Name and address of the shipper and receiver
  • Shipment date
  • Quantity and exact weight of the product
  • Freight classification

Use Case With Government Bill of Lading

For example, a logistics company wants to ship gasoline from a plant in Company A (the shipper) to a gas station in Company B (recipient) via a heavy truck. A plant representative and the driver will need to sign the Government Bill of Lading after the gas is loaded onto the truck. The truck driver must also ask the station clerk to sign the document upon delivery.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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