Full Container Load

What Is a Full Container Load?

A full container load is a sea-shipping process where the cargo of a single seller takes up the entire space in a container. It is extremely advantageous for a single seller wanting to ship bulk cargo. Full container load is often referred to as FCL in shipping terms. 

Significance of Full Container Load in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Full container load helps sellers easily facilitate and streamline high-volume deliveries. Here are some other primary benefits of a full container load.

  • Flat fees lead to lower costs: Whenever a seller opts for an FCL, they must pay flat fees to book the entire container. In hindsight, sellers are usually charged per square footage, which is costlier than the latter. Therefore, when a seller is looking to ship a cargo of more than 20cbm, FCL is an excellent choice.
  • Faster delivery: The intermediate inspections are quick and easy, as a single manufacturer owns the entire cargo. It allows an FCL to ensure speedier delivery compared to its counterparts.     

Prerequisites of Full Container Load and How It Works

A seller should consider using a full container load when their cargo exceeds 20cbm. It is the only requirement that ensures maximum returns on money spent.

An FCL works in the following ways.

  • Calculation and selection: The total square area of cargo is calculated by the seller, and a suitable container and shipping company is selected accordingly. 
  • Renting and disbursal: A container is rented, and the cargo is loaded and handed over to the shipping company for delivery.

Use Case With Full Container Load

Some ideal use cases with a full container load have been given below.

  • Opting for an FCL for an overall cargo size of 25cbm, containing small packages of handbags. 

Renting an FCL for shipping a heavy appliance with a cargo size of 21cbm.

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