What is a Crate?

A crate is a shipping container used to transport bulky goods that need extra protection against shock, vibration, and shifting during conveyance. These can be made up of wood, steel or aluminum. Being harder to unpack than palletized loads, they guarantee exceptional security all through the shipment process. 

Significance of Crate in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Plenty of shipping companies use crates because they are extremely sturdy and convenient to use. Here are some of the significance of a crate.

  • Environmentally friendly – Most crates are made up of wood which is a renewable resource and is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Protective – Crates are well-known for providing enhanced protection to fragile items when they are in transportation or stored in the warehouse. Usually, they are used for shipping electronic equipment, medical devices, automotive parts, motorcycles, furniture, precision components, and other bulky products that need superior protection.
  • Stackable – They are designed in stackable structures to optimize storage space and the shipping process.
  • Accommodates oddly-shaped goods – The companies that offer freight and crating services fabricate crate containers accordingly to provide superior protection for oddly-shaped goods.

Prerequisites for Crate and How It Works

Crates are primarily used to ship and store large and heavy items. There are three main types of crates:

  • The wooden crates are sturdy and will occupy a lot of space. Even after disassembling them, they still occupy much space in your warehouse or basement.
  • Plastic crates have to be handled with care. Therefore, they cannot be used in places that demand rough handling of goods. Moreover, they have a low resistance to high temperatures.
  • Steel and aluminum crates are more durable for storing and transporting heavy items such as machinery. 

Use Case With Crate

Businesses of all sizes use a crate to accommodate oversized goods. Usually, they use a crate to ship bulky and large items that standard containers can’t ship safely. 

Suppose a company deals with machinery products and requires heavy raw materials such as industrial compressors, industrial generators, and engines. These items are stored and shipped in used crates. They protect the goods against damage and harmful elements during transport.

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