Controlled Access

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What is Controlled Access? 

Controlled access is limiting access to a certain place for added security. Access control is a common concept in e-commerce, as many businesses and warehouses use it to avoid cargo theft. The theft of goods can lead to financial damages for businesses and warehouse owners. 

Significance of Controlled Access in E-commerce

Introducing a controlled access system protects e-commerce businesses from financial liability. It also leads to customer satisfaction when they know their data and products are secure with the companies. Here are some added advantages of introducing controlled access in e-commerce:

  • An access control system uses identity credentials, intrusion detection, and RFID tags to control who can enter the building or certain areas. This can drastically reduce the chances of theft and is also cheaper than manual security in the long run.
  • For short- or long-term storage, businesses want to keep their inventory safe in a warehouse. If a warehouse uses controlled access, it can win customers’ trust. 

Prerequisites of Controlled Access

There are many ways in which a warehouse or an industrial building can be theft-proofed through access control. 

  • Biometric systems and credentials: Biometric systems use fingerprint scanners to access limited people in certain areas. 
  • Electric locks: Fail-secure and fail-proof locks are electric locks used in industrial buildings. Fail-safe locks can allow access in case of a power loss or emergency. 
  • Alarm systems and remote monitoring: Remote monitoring refers to constant video surveillance and alarm systems all around the perimeter can help detect intrusions and alert security. 
  • Security guards: Lastly, manual security is essential in an access control system. Security guards can catch the intruders if the need arises. 

Use Case with Controlled Access 

Controlled access helps warehouses and other industrial buildings keep their inventory safe from intrusion and theft. For example, intruders may attack a warehouse to make some quick bucks if a warehouse stores expensive goods. A good access control system can thwart their attempts at the doorstep.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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