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What is the Business Application?

Business application refers to the advantages and implementation of innovative methods of e-commerce that apply to the retail and wholesale ecosystem. It primarily indicates incorporating proven processes like an online presence, digital marketing, and so on. While these might take some time to integrate, these business applications provide lucrative, hard-to-ignore benefits. 

Significance of Business Application in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

A business application of e-commerce in retail and wholesale includes several benefits, like cost reduction, unobstructed exposure, global fulfillment, and highly efficient business processes.

  • Exposure: Global exposure for a business is a tangible goal for retailers and wholesalers. The business application of e-commerce in the mentioned area allows these sellers to market and cater to a global audience. 
  • Global fulfillment: Retailers can sell their products to a customer without considering their location. E-commerce shipping companies can send products anywhere worldwide for a small shipping fee. Furthermore, with pre-installed optimized processes, wholesalers enjoy utmost control. 

Prerequisites of Business Application and How It Works

Retailers and wholesalers can leverage the business application of e-commerce without any requirements. The steps below highlight how one can capitalize on the mentioned benefits.

  • Creating an online presence: A wholesaler or a retailer must have a point of sale, like a website, where they can show their products and accept payments. 
  • Online marketing: Online marketing allows retailers to send traffic to their websites.
  • Shipping: The newly converted online store owner can transfer the responsibility of shipping to several freight forwarding companies. 

Use Case with Business Application

Some use cases highlighting the use of an e-commerce business application have been listed below. 

  • A clothing retailer based in the Philippines creates a website to sell their products globally. 
  • A clothing retailer in Sydney starts social media advertisement and clocks an average sale of 1,200 per month. 
  • A wholesaler from Singapore ships an average of 900 units worldwide every month after selling them through their website.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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