Application Programming Interface (API)

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What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

An application programming interface is a software mediator that enables interaction between two applications. It specifies how software compliments can talk to each other to provide a seamless customer experience. APIs are one of the key components to establishing your online store efficiently. 

Significance of Application Programming Interface (API) in E-commerce

An application programming interface (API) allows organizations to save costs, and present an accessible and user-friendly e-commerce website to the customers. Here are some added advantages of APIs. 

  • Customization

An application programming interface enables programmers to seamlessly access the functionality of other applications to tailor customized experiences. 

  • Innovation  

In the digital era, an API fosters innovation. Programmers can use the API to access data from other software and build the latest business capabilities.

  • Improved customer experience 

With programmers building applications constantly using an application programming interface, businesses can offer new experiences and products to their customers.

Prerequisites for Application Programming Interface (API) 

An API is a powerful technology enabling businesses to innovate, automate and scale. Here are the prerequisites of an application programming interface (API) 

  • Descriptor document – A valid descriptor document describing the application programming interface
  • API Agreement – Businesses need to sign the API agreement before using the data interface for innovation. 

Use Case of Application Programming Interface (API)

When a customer loads the payment details in an e-commerce business’s payment gateway, the application programming interface (API) generates a unique code for the transaction. API performs this backend interaction and does not require the payment gateway to access the customer’s bank account.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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