Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Accelerate sales with the best-in-class fulfillment for your beauty, cosmetics and personal care brand in the Philippines.

Let your cosmetics and skincare business glow and shine in the Philippines

Rise and Shine

The beauty industry is predicted to generate sales worth US$988 million in 2024.

Turn Browsers into Buyers

2024 will see more than 16.2% of the total revenue generated through online sales

Reach Shoppers near and far

The average number of consumers is expected to grow to 7.6 million users in 2024.

It’s all about ease

Availability, convenience and cost-savings drive Filipinos to shop online.

Discover How Cosmetics Fulfillment Services can give your Beauty Brand a Facelift

Whether it is Philippines-based or international fulfillment, having the right cosmetics fulfillment partner for your beauty brand can boost your online store ratings, increase orders and offer customers a delightful experience.
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Simple Integration

Integrates like a charm with top e-commerce platforms in the Philippines like Shopee, Lazada, TikTok, Shopify and your website.

Warehouse Network

Store your inventory across Locad’s extensive network of warehouses that are strategically positioned across Southeast Asia and Australia.

Business Expansion

Expand your beauty business with our global fulfillment services to reach local and international customers.

Fast Fulfillment

Keep your online store rating consistently high with a beauty and cosmetics fulfillment service that offers same-day dispatch and next-day shipping.

Cloud Based

Unify inventory storage, order processing, fulfillment and returns in a powerful cloud-run Order Management System.

Flexible Services

Enjoy customization in pick-and-pack services, returns management to ensure we cater best to what you need.

Scalable Infra

Tap into a supply chain infrastructure that grows with your beauty business without having to pay for spaces and services you don’t need.

Affordable Pricing

Get preferential rates from the best beauty and cosmetics fulfillment service providers in the Philippines for your online beauty brand.

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Elevate the reputation of your online beauty and personal care brand

Online beauty brands take center stage today with shoppers across different age groups and demographics. Filipinos take it to social media to credit the impact of beauty products right from that great packaging all the way to the long-lasting impact it creates. Despite being one of the biggest growing e-commerce sectors, there are a lot of bottlenecks that online beauty brands in the Philippines face.

Quick Shopping, Faster Deliveries

E-commerce brings shoppers close to beauty brands, and that means more shopping on the go and shorter dispatch and delivery timelines.

Get them to buy again

One-time buyers are good, but return customers are great. Getting loyal customers depends on a compelling post-purchase experience.

Step up and Stand out

Unboxing is a magical experience. But when you sell on an e-commerce marketplace, your packaging options are limited and have little room to shine.

Perfect Your Returns

Returns are unavoidable in e-commerce, but a poor returns policy could be a defining reason for you to lose out on customers.

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Trusted by Leading Beauty Brands to keep their cosmetics fulfillment running

Whether it’s levelling up your lash game or accelerating your beauty brand to high-volume success, leave the logistics to us.

Locad: Your Primer to Beauty and Skincare Fulfillment to Dominate the Philippine Market

Beauty and skincare has always remained one of the top 5 most purchased categories in the Philippine e-commerce market. With back-to-back sales, raining discounts and people focusing more on grooming their looks, online beauty brands need to create a spot-less shopping and fulfillment experience.
warehouse staff smiling inside a warehouse locad fulfillment

Don’t go out-of-stock

Monitor inventory levels across warehouses and replenish them in time through Locad’s mid-mile solution.

Store close to Shoppers

Decentralize your product inventory across Warehouses close to high-volume shopping areas for faster fulfillment.

Pack it to Perfection

Customize packing options to secure your beauty products and provide that amazing unboxing experience.

Shipping that’s on point

Offer great shipping options to shoppers through preferential Shipping rates from top last-mile carriers.

Reveal your last mile

Stay on track with every order that is placed on your sales channels from pick and pack all the way to delivery.

We make Island hopping for order delivery a breeze

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Give your Beauty orders that Fab Fulfillment

Get the best storage, picking and packing, shipping and tracking solutions for your online beauty brand to succeed in the Philippines market.

Cosmetics and Makeup

Personal Care


Hair and Lash Extensions

Bath and Shower

Soaps and Cleansers

Nail and Suncare

Oral Care

Don’t just take our word for it

Since its establishment in 2015, KJM Cosmetics has been making good on its promise to make beauty an affordable activity for everyone. Its growth for the last several years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

But this growth came with many challenges and one of them was the increasing cost of shipping.

According to Janine Muñez, KJM’s director for IT, the distance created a challenge for their company to provide better service to a large portion of their customer base. “Since we’re based in Davao, shipping fees are a big problem for us considering most of our customers are located in Luzon.”

“Before Locad, our conversation rate was really low – we would get a lot of visitors on our online stores and many would add to cart but did not proceed to the checkout because of the shipping fee,” Muñez said.

To solve this concern, KJM Cosmetics partnered with Locad for end-to-end fulfillment services and last mile carrier tracking tools. These solutions were vastly more powerful and robust than what they had in their previous systems and were more cost-effective for their needs.

Before Locad

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

After Locad

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Here are just some of their key metrics since partnering with Locad:

  • 100% increase in D2C sales volume
  • 30% increase in conversion rate on Shopee
  • 2x increase in conversion rate on Lazada
  • 69% savings in shipping fees

Blend your Active Sales Channels for Maximum Efficiency

Unlike retail stores that demand extensive capital for new outlets, e-commerce beauty brands can always expand their reach through multiple sales channels. With Locad powering fulfillment, say goodbye to different rate cards, storage fees, or multiple partners for your online beauty brand in the Philippines. Confidently sell your personal care, skincare and cosmetic products to customers across top e-commerce platforms like eBay [AU], Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, TikTok and WooCommerce.
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service
  • Maintain your store rating high with accurate and affordable order fulfilment
  • Manage multiple sales channels with the same OMS and warehouse network
  • Cut down on dependencies, high operating costs and mixed processes
  • Expand to newer cross-border markets with the same infrastructure.
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Level up the Glam with the Philippines’ Best Fulfillment Solution

3PLs provided by the marketplace may look like a no-brainer when you start up. But to scale up, you need to remain active across multiple platforms and sometimes tap into newer markets across Southeast Asia and Australia. And that’s where Locad helps your brand unleash its flawless fulfillment experience.

Flex it with Storage

As your beauty business grows, so should the infrastructure that supports it. Scale up confidently to handle peak surges, and sale days without it eating your profit margins.

Build your Empire

Shoppers in the Philippines are influenced by Thai beauty and Chinese brands. Source your products with Locad and keep up with the beauty revolution.

All-in-One Expertise

Tap into our extended network of regionalized warehouse networks and logistic partners. Let local experts help beauty brand glow.

Unbox Happiness

Want to add a sweet tester or limited-time insets? Glam up the unboxing experience with our pick-and-pack solutions while keeping products secure.

The Foundation to Unmatched Business Success with Locad

While the best logistics engine can help you kiss your fulfillment woes goodbye, a lot relies on making your stay with Locad a top-notch experience. While you offer jeepney-fast fulfillment, we make sure the best people help your beauty and skincare brand stay primed to steal the spotlight.
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Hand-held transition

Onboarding from in-house or switching 3PL, we orchestrate a quick and smooth inbounding process with limited disruption to your business.

Your Personal Crew

An expert team to help you choose the right mix of features, goals and growth options to remove bottlenecks.

The Right Match

Get the best of inventory storage, OMS Hub and logistics partners for your beauty brand to excel in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Tame Inventory stress

Enjoy worry-free inventory control by shipping products with proper shelf life to you shoppers and reduce returns.

Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

The Perfect Palette to turn your Startup into a Scale-up

To provide the best fulfillment experience, you need to keep shoppers coming to you, over and over again. Explore a range of e-commerce enablers with expertise in growth, customer experience and tech solutions here to help partner with you and give your online beauty brand the complete makeover.

Beauty and Beyond

With Locad, it doesn’t stop with fulfillment. Tap into a partnership with experts, tools and apps to grow your online footprint

Exclusive discounts

We know your shoppers love a great deal. You get to enjoy up to US$ 250k credits with Locad’s partner ecosystem.

More choices

Whether it’s redefining the shopping experience, tech solutions or growth plans, we have it all for you.

Prepped to Grow Local, Expand Global

Whether your radar is set to Philippines, Southeast Asia, Australia or the global market, Locad extends a bespoke array of services to scale up your brand to sheer success.
Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Fulfillment Service

Faster Fulfillment

Delight your shoppers with fast fulfillment options for their e-commerce orders, like next-day fulfillment and two-day shipping.

Cross Border Expansion

Launch your beauty brand in Southeast Asia and Australia with Locad’s warehouse network and partners.

International Shipping

Keep attracting international shoppers with affordable shipping rates and shorter delivery times.

Locad + Your online Beauty brand = Smells like Sweet Success!

Witness how the best-in-class fulfillment can speed up the growth of your beauty, cosmetics and skincare brand in the Philippines.

Up to $250K USD Credits for Locad Customers!

Sign up today and accelerate your growth with Locad’s Partners. Unlock deals across SaaS, Agencies and more.

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