What is a Facebook Post? A Quick Beginner’s Guide for E-commerce Businesses

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Facebook’s popularity is hardly confidential information. Curated by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook has grown into a much-admired public platform where newer people keep pouring in daily. On average,  a user spends about 21 minutes per day on Facebook, making it a favorite platform for the audience.

Today Facebook offers much more than simply getting connected to your close ones. It offers a pool of audience to reach, along with vast opportunities for marketing and advertising. In about a minute, almost 400 users log in to Facebook, and there are 293,000 posts made at the same time! 

But, what is a post on Facebook? What is a wall post on Facebook and what are its features? If those are some of the questions you want answers to, scroll through this piece.

Definition of a Facebook Post

A Facebook status update, or a post, is what you post on the Facebook pages. It can be your personal Facebook profile, anyone else’s, or even a group, or fan page. It’s an update feature that gives Facebook users a platform to discuss a topic, promote a page or a product or simply share their whereabouts, thoughts, etc. 

Facebook posts are devoid of word count limitations. You can post a simple sentence or a few paragraphs. You can further include videos, pictures, music, etc.

Reasons for Posting on Facebook

Facebook, or any social media platform, facilitates thought sharing. However, apart from that, Facebook posts are also vital as they help a business rank high, attract a fan base, and inspire brand loyalty. Here are some reasons why Facebook posts are so important:

Aids to create online branding

Your online existence as a business is vital nowadays, with increased interest in online shopping or shopping from social media platforms. With a monthly user count of more than 2.9 billion, a business gets easy access to potential customers using Facebook posts as a platform. It is perhaps the largest social media platform that can offer you a vast market and act as a catalyst in promoting your brand’s name.

Helps in lead generation

The provision of lead generation templates by Facebook helps create Facebook ads. These advertisements help in reaching out to customers via Messenger. After response analysis, these ads can help you understand your customers’ needs.

Improves customer knowledge

Customers are the keystones of any business. Thus, having more knowledge about them helps you as a business make an informed decision about what products to offer and do they need modifications or require a new branding strategy.

Regular Facebook posts will help you gain detailed insight into the posts that work and are dysfunctional. So, ask yourself what a post engagement on Facebook is, and collect customer information.

Changes in preconceptions

You can use different types of Facebook post styles to build a brand image. For instance, it can help customers learn about different e-commerce platforms, products and services. If a customer has a preconception that e-commerce is not safe, they might change their opinion after reading Facebook posts on your business reviews.

Types of Posts

There are different types of Facebook post styles you can use to build a brand image. Here are the most common post types available on Facebook.

Status updates

To your question about what is a wall post on Facebook, here’s the answer. Wall posts or status updates are textual posts that allow users to share their thoughts simply. It can be used for new product announcements, posting questions, or even simple quotes.

When used for brand promotions, status updates can do wonders. You only have to ensure the content is brand-relevant, addresses the audience, and keeps the posts brief.

Photo posts

Photo posts or picture posts can convey millions of emotions in a matter of time. Humans can grasp images and pictures and extract their meanings faster than content. As per research, posts with pictures carry 2.3x greater engagement than picture-less posts. So, you can use photo posts to showcase your products creatively, promote your brand and engage with potential customers. 

Video posts

With video posts, you get more creative room to promote your brand or ideas. The video posts on Facebook allow you to tell your brand’s story with captions to reach a larger audience. Other than engagement, video posts also promote audience interaction, and their auto-play feature on Facebook is a cherry on the cake.

Events and offers

Facebook events and offers are an amazing way to grab your audience’s attention and improve customer retention. Paired with many offers, it allows customers to visit your website and make purchases. 

Links to other content

Just as the name indicates, a link post contains an external link. This external link can be to another blog, website, or product that discusses your brand. Link posts can be an amazing way of website or brand promotion and highlighting content.

Live video streams

Facebook Live is a relatively new addition to the platform attracting a lot of audience attention. They bring in high engagement levels, and there’s also the rare additional scope to reach out to your followers organically. 

If you’re searching for a one-stop solution for product demonstrations, question-answer sessions, community interaction, and much more, Facebook Live is the answer.

User-generated content

It is brand-specific original content curated and published by customers on any social media platform. Sharing content created by happy and satisfied customers gives a brand more credibility. It is a great marketing strategy that has proven useful for many noteworthy brands.

Ads Manager and Action Buttons

Facebook ads manager and CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons encourage users to act. For instance, a ‘Shop Now’ option on a brand’s page instigates the users to shop from the brand’s page.

Creating an Eye-catching Post

Are you looking for ways to revamp your posting strategy on Facebook? Then the first step is to design engaging content primarily created for the audience. Here’s a section that explains how to design an engaging content piece.

Developing engaging content

  • Asking questions: Questions can be a great conversation starter. The strategy might seem basic, allowing you to get honest feedback from your customers and potential buyer. Pair up your questions with creativity and use the responses to shape your business decisions.
  • Choose trendy topics: To extend your audience engagement and reach, you should choose trendy topics for posting. This enhances the chance of your post popping up more on Facebook feeds. 
  • Branded graphics: Using branded graphics like your company’s fonts, logo, or colors is a great way to boost audience engagement. They are versatile, and you can pair them with colorful illustrations or icons.
  • Get personal: Getting personal with your audience by sharing stories is an amazing way of increasing engagement. It helps establish a better connection and works for almost every brand.

Qualities of a Great Facebook Post

Facebook status updates are about engagement and reaching out to the target audience. To your question about what is considered a post engagement on Facebook, here’s a section on what are some qualities of an amazing Facebook post:

  • It should grab your audience’s attention.
  • It’s written in a simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • It includes a CTA.
  • It is appropriate for your audience base, location-wise and demography-wise.
  • It has only relevant content; content to which your audience can connect.

Getting the Most Mileage From Your Facebook Posts

Before knowing how to get the most mileage from your Facebook posts, you should know a post’s reach on Facebook.

  • What is a post reach on Facebook: Post reach indicates the viewer count for any Facebook post, who has viewed the post at least once.
  • What is a good post reach on Facebook: Most Facebook pages can reach about 6% of the total followers.

Here’s how you can squeeze maximum mileage out of your Facebook posts:

  • Customization: While earlier, most of the Facebook pages and posts were restrictive and bland, nowadays, it allows tons of customization. You can use professional images, colorful fonts, brand logos, and so on to custom-design your Facebook post.
  • Maximizing information: Facebook posts allow the users to fill in maximum details, which makes it easy for the audience to connect with brand owners. You can design a post including your contact information, contact hours, directions, etc., to make it easy for your followers to reach out to you.
  • Using ads: Using affordable Facebook advertising can quickly heighten the visibility and engagement of your page and posts. It works wonders if your goal is to explore new territory, but it is also an effective strategy for reaching out to existing followers.

How to Boost a Post on the Facebook Dashboard?

You can follow the given steps for boosting a post on the Facebook dashboard:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page: First, visit your Facebook page, where you can locate your potential post.
  2. Find a Facebook post to boost: You can always choose a pre-existing post or design something new. The ideal thing to do is boost a pre-existing post already performing well.
  3. Choose a goal: Everyone hates answering ‘why’ questions, but yes, those are important. Be clear in your objective before hitting the ‘Boost Post’ button.
  4. Edit the action button and URL: Facebook offers a feature where you can add certain action buttons to any post. This feature lets your customers contact you directly and start a discussion.
  5. Target your audience: In this step, you can set your preferences. Here you need to be clear about the audience demographics, so you’re not throwing away resources on indifferent people.
  6. Set a budget: In this final step, you need to set the duration for your post and form a budget based on the duration. Once you are done with these settings, pay the total amount, and you’re done with post boosting.


What is a timeline post on Facebook or what is a viral post on Facebook are some common questions when starting with Facebook posts. 

Facebook provides a splendid platform for any growing business to uplift customer engagement and broaden its audience base. It also allows exploring new domains and territories via catchy statuses and posts.

You can create perfect Facebook posts created using four interesting ingredients: links, short characters, relevant content, and perfect publishing time. So, dive into the vast resource pool Facebook offers and expand your booming business!


What are the features of a Facebook post?

A Facebook post has multiple amazing features, some of which are listed below:

  • It is a short, direct message.
  • It includes Call To Action.
  • It has relevant and enticing content.
  • It targets a particular location.
  • It includes questions.
  • It can include images.

What is the definition of Facebook posts and shares?

Posts are simple original content uploaded by a Facebook user. Share is when you hit the ‘Share’ button to share another person’s posts. It is one of the engagement options offered by Facebook.

Is Facebook post-free?

Yes, Facebook posts are free. Just click on the ‘Posts’ option on your wall, or you can search for the page you want to post on and then share your writing. To stay connected to your audience and mark your presence in their minds, it’s better to post 2-3 times a day.

What is the difference between a post and a comment on Facebook?

Facebook posts are those writings that start with a fresh topic. It starts a new discussion or a dialogue. Comments are responses to a post. Once readers go through a post, they get some ideas or views, which they can comment on.

Why are Facebook posts important?

Facebook posts are crucial for the following reasons:

  • Greater audience reach
  • Greater SEO ranking
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • Enhances customer loyalty

What is the difference between a shared post and a post?

The answer lies in the question, where the key term is ‘shared’. So, as the name indicates, a post is something original; it is a conversation starter. Shared posts are created when you share someone else’s posts or statuses. It’s just like a pointer for the actual post.

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