Getting Started With A Video Marketing Strategy For Your E-commerce Store

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Videos are more popular than ever and for good reason. They’re more engaging than text, easier to digest than imagery, and more likely to lead to conversions. The rise of video marketing for e-commerce stores is only natural as a result—it’s a way for e-commerce brands to stand out from their competition, get new customers through the door, and increase sales. In this article, we’ll explore why you should use videos on your site and walk through some of the easy ways to start using videos on your site today!

Why video marketing?

Video is the best type of content for e-commerce because it’s more memorable and easier to share than any other type of content. People remember videos 3x more than text and are 2-3x more likely to share them with friends.

If you’re wondering what kind of videos you should create, there are many different types of marketing videos that can be used as part of an effective e-commerce strategy:

  • Product introduction (e.g., “Meet the new iPhone”)
  • Product demonstrations (e.g., “This is how we use the X product”)
  • Case studies or customer testimonials (e.g., “See how our customers love using Y product.”)

Why video is valuable for e-commerce

Your customers are watching videos. In fact, they’re watching a lot of them. This is good news for your e-commerce store because the ability for customers to make purchasing decisions quickly has increased dramatically as a result of what has been dubbed “the Netflix effect”: consumers want instant gratification and don’t want to wait days or weeks for their purchase to arrive in their mailbox.

They also want an engaging experience with brands they trust which makes video an incredibly valuable tool for building trust and credibility with your audience while getting them closer to conversion.

How to make videos for your e-commerce store

  • Choose a video platform. There are many video platforms, including YouTube,Facebook, and Tiktok.
  • Choose a video editing tool. There are many options for editing videos with varying levels of complexity, price, and ease of use. You may also want to consider the tools such as subtitles and translation, teleprompter, video compressor, etc. within the app that will help you in creating your videos.
  • Decide what you want to say in your video(s). When writing the script for your e-commerce store’s first video(s), think about how it will be viewed by its target audience — what keywords will they search when looking for information about your industry? What questions would they ask? How can you answer those questions in three minutes or less?
  • Record yourself saying everything that needs to be said in an audio file. You can also methods like Google Voice Typing or an app called “Voice Recorder” which works well on any phone including Android devices; just make sure whichever methods work best for YOU!

Key features of a good e-commerce video

  • Video production that’s high-quality and clear.
  • Clear audio and a good script. The script should be written by a professional copywriter, not by you or your team (unless you’re also a professional writer). It needs to speak directly to your audience and include relevant keywords for SEO purposes.
  • Relevant images in the video that demonstrate what you sell or how it works, as well as product details like dimensions and colors if applicable.
  • Good editing so that the video flows smoothly from one scene to another, with no awkward jumps between shots; this will help viewers focus more easily on what you have to say instead of getting distracted by cuts or jumpy transitions between scenes of different lengths/shot size/angle/etc., which can make them feel disoriented or confused about where they are supposed to look at any given moment during playback on both desktop computers and mobile devices alike! And while we’re on this topic: don’t forget about music and sound effects—they really add pizzazz when used correctly! 

The different types of e-commerce videos you can use

There are many different types of videos you can use to market your e-commerce store. The most common ones include:

  • Product demos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Expert roundup videos (expert interviews)
  • How-to demonstrations
  • Animated videos

Video #1: Product demos

You’ve likely seen product demos on the web, and they typically take the form of videos. They can be an effective way to answer some of your potential customers’ questions about a product or service in a clear and concise way.

Product demos are helpful for educating your customers about how to use your products, whether it is a hardware device like a computer mouse or a software program like Excel.

It goes without saying that you need good quality content if you want people to take action based on what they see in your videos—and this can be expensive! But if done right, product demos can help drive sales by giving potential buyers confidence that what they’re buying will work well for them.

Video #2: Behind-the-scenes videos

This video is an excellent way to show your customers how your products are made and what goes into shipping them. It’s also a great opportunity for you to give a behind-the-scenes look at how you make a customer happy.

Your customers want to know that they’re spending their money at a company that cares about its product and their satisfaction with it. They want to know that the products they buy from you are worth the cost, which is why it’s so important for these videos not just to be visually pleasing but also informative.

Video #3: Customer reviews and testimonials

Video testimonials can be used in a number of ways. They can be used to show how customers use your product, how they feel about the quality of your products, and even how they feel about you as a brand.

Video testimonials are great for showing off your customer service. If you’ve implemented high-touch service strategies that make an impact on customers, this is a great way to showcase what you’re doing and why it works so well for them. If someone has had a positive experience with your store or brand, this is where they will tell their friends – which leads us back to our previous point about building trust through social proof!

Video #4: Expert roundup videos

Expert roundup videos are a great way to get expert opinions on your products, and they’re also a good way for you to get your customers engaged in the process. For example, if you want to promote a new product line or new product, an expert roundup video can be used to demonstrate how the products work and why they’re so great. Expert roundups are also effective at promoting existing products—especially when it comes time for seasonal sales or promotions.

Expert roundups are helpful because they give people something specific to focus on while watching the video, as opposed to just talking heads discussing something vaguely. 

Video #5: How-to videos

How-to videos are instructional videos that show people how to do something. These videos can be an excellent way to educate your customers about products and services, and help them find the right product for their needs. While the popularity of how-to videos has somewhat declined over the last several years, they’re still an important tool for e-commerce businesses.

Video #6: Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are a great way to explain your business and show off your value proposition. You can use them for social media, SEO, conversion rates, and brand awareness.

They’re short and fun—and they help get the point across in an entertaining way that makes people want to learn more about what you have to offer.


If you aren’t using video in your marketing strategy yet, it’s time to start. Video is the most engaging form of content on the web and it’s here to stay. It’s also a great way to build a loyal audience and increase sales while growing your brand.


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