Biggest Sale Events in Singapore That Every Seller Should Join

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Singapore is a tiny yet beautiful country, known to the world as prosperous, busy, and wealthy. Despite its modern appearance, Singapore maintained much of its natural resources, dotting the country with plenty of public spaces surrounded by lush greenery. Upkeep is helped even further by disciplined Singaporeans who avoid littering, promoting a clean and healthy environment.

Besides having a diverse cuisine known to the best palates, Singapore also prides itself on having the best malls in the world! Singaporeans love their sale events, with a big one happening every month. Because it can get crazy year after year, the most successful sellers are the ones who prepare for the continuous crunch way ahead of time. Listed here are the biggest sale events in Singapore for 2022 that every seller should join:

  • New Year Sale (January)
  • Chinese New Year Sale (February)
  • Consumer Sale (March)
  • Mega Shopping Day Sale (April)
  • Ramadan (April-May)
  • Brands Festival Sale (May)
  • Great Singapore Sale (June-July/September-October)
  • National Day Sale (August)
  • Black Friday Sale (November)
  • Cyber Monday Sale (November)
  • Christmas Sale (December)

While many of Singapore’s biggest sale events have already concluded now that 2022 has reached its midway point, there are still more on the way, which sellers should take note of.

Great Singapore Sale

Every year, Singaporeans including shoppers from around the globe look forward to the Great Singapore Sale, currently known as GSS: Experience Singapore. Organized by the Singapore Retailers Association, their primary goal is to boost Singapore’s tourism industry as both physical and online stores woo shopaholics to sample Singaporean culture.

Often running across June and July in the past, GSS: Experience Singapore was moved to September and October for 2022 and lasts for a total of 6 weeks. A staggering number of deals and discounts are offered by high-quality brands. Others use this event to elevate previously overlooked products tied to the Singapore lifestyle. Up-and-coming brands also consider this event as a possible launch pad to enter the buying public’s consciousness.

Because the GSS is unique to Singapore, local sellers should take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience. Study this useful guide for GSS to prepare months in advance for this sale to end all sales.

National Day Sale

The National Day of Singapore is celebrated on August 9 of every year. Singapore annually celebrates its independence from Malaysia back in 1965 with parades and fireworks displays. Naturally, Singapore’s birthday is also a day of shopping and fun, with many merchants participating in this countrywide celebration. Nationals from other countries also fly in to commemorate this special day.

Sellers can make the most out of the festive vibe shared by many by putting up great discounts and irresistible promotions. Using themes linked to Singapore’s unique cultural identity can be used to decide on the promotions sellers plan to put up. If one’s birthday celebration is worth setting up, then the birthday of a nation must mean so much more.

Black Friday Sale

Although there are many interesting albeit dark stories tracing the origin of the Black Friday sale to dark beginnings, one common theme stands out. Several decades ago, store owners devised a strategy to increase sales by leveraging the US holiday, Thanksgiving, which enabled them to attract shoppers already in a cheerful mood due to the holidays, and many of them itching to spend. Soon after the Black Friday sale was created, other countries including Singapore joined in on the fun.

Every seller in Singapore should jump on this bandwagon. Originally, Black Friday was often held on the fourth Friday of November, and shoppers marked their calendars in preparation for this date. Eventually, the period was extended. Spread out over several days instead of just one, this particular event pushes all the right buttons in encouraging shoppers to go crazy with their purchases.

Sellers dangle special offers which are too tempting to resist such as “buy one, get the second one free,” “buy three items for the price of two,” and “free gift for every purchase.” Due to the limited nature of these promotions, shoppers often buy out of impulse especially because of the fear of missing out. Plus, during this period, social media is booming with Black Friday hashtags and posts sharing information about stores with good deals. A chain effect is formed, subconsciously influencing passive scrollers into participating in the madness, even encouraging them to post pictures of their purchases. The shared shopping experience excites many like-minded online communities.

Compared to a customer who regularly buys essentials online, most likely depending on a list for guidance, Black Friday customers usually don’t have the luxury of time to create sheets with price comparisons. Competition is fierce, and time spent visiting different online stores may end up allowing other shoppers with faster fingers and Internet speeds to scoop up your target items.

As a seller, be ahead of the game. Supply chain management is key to your Black Friday success. Plan and advertise early on, drumming up interest and gradually building it up as Black Friday approaches. It’s also important to note traffic will increase significantly, so make sure your website (if it’s not part of any e-commerce platform) can handle the surge. Any downtime and sluggish performance will ultimately lead to shopping cart abandonment and lost revenue. Finally, have a strong replacement strategy in place in case you do end up running out of stocks.

Cyber Monday Sale

At a time when accomplishing one’s shopping online via store websites and e-commerce platforms was not as prolific as it is today, retailers noticed shoppers who were too busy during the Thanksgiving holiday to physically visit their stores during Black Friday, ended up going a different route. They opted to cyber-shop on the Monday after instead. Close to two decades ago, Cyber Monday was invented to address this shopping pattern.

Similar to Black Friday, Cyber Monday has evolved into spanning many days as well. Sellers often go all out during the Black Friday period, dropping down prices not only for unsold inventory and unmoving stock but also for premium items to attract customers beyond their usual reach. Don’t make the same mistake. Many of the Cyber Monday shoppers are different from the Black Friday regulars.

Fans of Cyber Monday usually consist of the following: Customers who were occupied because of the holiday. Family events are always cramped during Thanksgiving, and it usually means a lot of driving cross-country across different states just to reach loved ones. While return trips of that nature are exhausting enough, reunions sometimes bring with them baggage such as unresolved family drama. It’s bound to dampen any mood to shop.

Customers who hate crowds. Based on previous years, it’s already a given people are willing to wait in long lines, with some even camping out just to maximize their Black Friday experience. A lot of bumping and pushing are bound to occur, some even going overboard at times. Orchard Road and VivoCity are just two of countless examples where, despite possessing massive floor areas, crowds can fill this up pretty quickly during the Black Friday sale. Cyber Monday is the best alternative as better sales are offered almost exclusively online.

Customers who are trying to save money. Some intentionally skip Black Friday, so they have fewer temptations to deal with come Cyber Monday. If the items they originally wanted are no longer available once Monday hits, then it results in even less spending.

Tapping this whole new target audience should be on each seller’s top-of-mind, so reserve enough stocks for Cyber Monday. This may set you apart from other stores that sell out on Black Friday, leading new customers to your storefront, and keeping them satisfied and happy after they leave.

Double Digit Sales

The rise of e-commerce platforms such as Shopee Singapore has paved the way for Double Digit Sales. Every month, stores designate the day similar to the number of that particular month as a sale day. Believed in some cultures to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, the Double Digit Sale may also have been inspired by repeating digits and angel numbers. In 2022, there are still 5 months celebrating this occasion: 8.8, 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12.

Usually, the sale begins a few days before and ends a few days after. Promotions for the current month’s sale begin as early as the previous month’s last sale day. These include prime spots online, social media advertisements, TV and streaming commercials, and even billboards and print ads. E-commerce platforms spare no expense in getting the best talents, both local and international, to promote this monthly event.

While sellers might be thinking that consumers might be suffering from sales fatigue, there will always be a fresh set of customers reached by the aggressive campaigns of Double Digit Sales. This is evident seeing how much of the Singaporean public has shifted to online shopping. Many essential products like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other regularly-consumed items are purchased during these kinds of sales. As people are already familiar with daily, monthly, or even yearly consumption levels, it would be easier and more economical to set aside the double-digit day to stock up for the house. Additionally, vouchers released on Double Digit Sales increase engagement. Some banks are in on the action and piggyback on these sale dates, so be on the lookout for credit card cross-promotions.

Others take this opportunity to buy in bulk before the holidays. Many store promotions involve rewarding those who buy more. Many times, a product already on sale will have its price go even lower if more of it is bought. In line with rewarding your customers, don’t forget to add incentives for your early bird buyers. Include freebies and special gifts to entice people to start early.

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Christmas Sale

For many, Christmas brings joyous memories filled with hope and love for the future. While only a percentage of Singaporeans are Christian, Christmas is still widely celebrated in the country. Christmas theme parks, such as Christmas Wonderland, pop up, and decorations are strewn all over houses. Even non-Christians attend the midnight church service, imbibing the pervading Christmas spirit present among other attendees.

Just like other countries, Singapore also celebrates Christmas with huge sales. Sellers slash down prices to make way for new stocks expected to arrive once the new year starts. Parties involve food, drinks, and gifts; the number of friends to give to and celebrate with can be overwhelming, so bargains for toys, gadgets, and food are always a welcome sight for gift-givers.

Children are easily impressed by large numbers, so create Christmas goodie bags by bundling toys and knick-knacks together. Even candy bars and chocolates can be mixed into the bag. Wrap these in attractive, colorful paper to lessen the chores of your buyers. Use bright ribbons to tie everything up into one cohesive package. While this may be a tactic to let go of toys that haven’t been selling, be sure to include more prime items than not. Part of your contribution to the Christmas holidays is to bring joy to others.

An important feature you might want to highlight as a seller is an attractive exchange program. Post-Christmas, consumers will be checking and comparing replacement policies for gifts that may be unsuitable to their tastes. If early on sellers manage the expectations of gift givers with an option for exchanges where everyone wins, then it might be the push a buyer needs to choose your store over others.

Sellers juggle a lot of tasks day in and out, and participating in these sale events might come across as additional burdens to worry about, but with proper supply chain management, updated inventory checking, and sound fulfillment options, joining each one will end up becoming an investment worth making.

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