E-commerce Warehousing In Australia
E-commerce Warehousing In Australia
E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

30 Day No-Cost Storage

Same-Day Pick & Pack

Discounted Shipping Rates

If you are an Australian e-commerce company looking to stay ahead of the competition, look no further!

We’ll tell you why choosing an Australian warehouse provider will take you in the right direction. For example, if your products need to be quicker and easier to ship out, partnering with an Australian warehouse will help you keep up with the demand.

Australian e-commerce companies are proactively planning for the future, with 91% of Australians accessing the e-commerce industry. The shift in consumer behavior and competition has caused a boom in e-commerce, but partnering with an Australian warehouse provider will be vital to staying ahead of the game.

Aussie customers expect the best service and want to know that their needs are in the hands of an experienced and trusted 3PL warehousing company. Instead of being bogged down by logistics, shift your focus to your clients and leave your logistical needs in the hands of experts

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia
E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

Warehousing in Australia to scale up your business instantly

Manual processes and ineffective operations that rely on the old supply chain networks waste resources and opportunities. In today’s e-commerce business climate, you need a modern and streamlined warehousing service that will save you a great deal of time, money, and resources. Locad’s warehousing service in Australia has the latest technology and processes to make your supply chain more efficient. Choosing the warehouse and services offered by Locad for your e-commerce business could help you optimize your supply chain, save money, and provide a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Locad does more than just be the best warehouse in Australia, here’s why

Get your goods shipped Australia-wide with no hassle. With our high-tech warehouse in Australia, we make sending your goods around the world more effortless than ever. Plus, our partners come from your trusted list like Sendle and Auspost.

Locad provides e-commerce business owners like you with,

  • Trusted utility warehouse in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific
  • Fulfillment, storage and shipping costs for every pocket size
  • Warehouse and fulfillment centers that are efficient to enable seamless selling
  • Zero cost for 30 days of storage on the first inbound of every product
  • Connected across Australia to enable the quickest delivery time
warehouse staff smiling inside a warehouse locad fulfillment
E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

Why Locad’s modern and high-tech warehouse is the perfect solution

Warehouse environments are dynamic and always have to deal with change. Without adequate storage space, you may experience quality or shipping damage, or your business might produce excess inventory to pay for its purchase. When not checked properly, the smaller moments cascade into bigger difficulties with supply chain management.

No matter the issue, Locad has a way to maneuver and handle these errors. We ensure your brand is always efficiently able to maintain seamless selling.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the problems of managing your warehouse.

Hassles of land and labor – Having an adequate area and having enough skilled labor are just two of the most important factors in warehousing and distribution. While owning space is too expensive, finding skilled labor is difficult. Warehouses must be properly equipped with pallet racks, shelving, packing tables, forklifts, etc. Plus, they have to be maintained and updated from time to time.

Communication is key – Warehouses require many tasks to be executed. If communication breaks down, things can get lost in chaos and it will lead to errors and delays. Warehouse staff must communicate regularly to pick, pack, and ship without hiccups. A good system with the right tools and software is needed for warehouses to function smoothly.

Time is ticking and precious – Customers want their orders to be fulfilled as fast as possible, so it’s important to make sure you have knowledgeable and well-trained staff in order to make the process run smoothly. There’s no better way to do this than the proper warehouse layout and staff training.

Inventory monitoring for better sales – Storing quality inventory is a big challenge for e-commerce sellers in Australia. And so it is crucial to have products easily accessible and accurate inventory records. Without a proper inventory, you risk buyers not choosing your product and tying up valuable capital in stock that is not selling.

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

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E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

Here’s everything you need to look for in your Warehousing Solution in Australia

Seek a storage facility that is well-maintained and highly secure. This ensures your inventory stays safe, and so will your business. Be prepared for harsh weather with a climate-controlled utility warehouse for any season in Australia.

The warehouse must have plenty of space to house your brand’s inventory. Storage space should not be in short supply, and being overcrowded will only cause your stock to become less secure. Ensure you don’t run out of space while your clients wait in line.

Avoid using an Australian warehouse facility that charges you more than reasonable pricing. Instead, find a reputable warehouse that meets your needs for quality and cost at a reasonable price.

Staff that works for your warehouse must be skilled, experienced and on top of product knowledge. Warehouse staff should handle the shipments in a fast and efficient manner.

You want your warehouse to be close to its customers in Australia. Convenience is vital as customers can eliminate the need to pay high shipping costs that can drain both pockets

Last but not least, make sure the warehouse is insured. This will protect your inventory in case of damage or theft and ensure mental peace, knowing that your investment is in safe hands.

We are sure Locad has already convinced you to be the best, most efficient and high-tech warehouse in Australia. If you still need that extra nudge, every pointer discussed above Locad provides and much more.

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Locad is the best warehouse provider in Australia

Locad is a warehousing company that’s easy and affordable for e-commerce retailers. If you have an e-commerce business whose logistics need to be taken care of, Locad can take those hassles off your hand. We also enable your brand to have a competitive advantage, making you a trusted and reliable company for your clients.

Locad enables efficient and profitable selling as your all-in-one warehousing partner

Locad’s Australian warehouse connects seamlessly with a Locad Control Tower. We let you watch how your products are processed through the fulfillment process.

Locad efficiently helps your e-commerce business by providing you with:

Live tracking of your stock levels and inventory
Insights on stock movement for enhanced business decisions
Every SKU is handled for easy pick, pack, and shipping from the warehouse
Detailed fulfillment overview of every product in the warehouse

The Locad Control Tower monitors the fulfillment process so get a complete picture of your sales anytime

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

Hear from our trusted customers

Learn how MuscleU partnered with Locad to expand the business nationwide in Australia.

E-commerce Warehousing In Australia

Check out the key metrics of partnership between Locad and MuscleU: 

  • 70% faster fulfillment
  • 75% faster customer service response
  • Full expansion into the entire Australian market
Locad supports supplement supplier MuscleU by providing faster shipping and affordable shipping across Australia, resulting in 70% faster fulfillment.

“Now, with Locad, 95% of our shipments are shipped within 90 minutes,”

“We noticed that with Locad, the speed of the customer service team has allowed us to be on top of more issues, much faster.”

Jordan Harrisson, CEO, MuscleU

Warehouse benefits from Locad for your Australian e-commerce business

No lock-in contract

We commit to partnerships that are best for you. You can choose how long or short your partnership with us will be based on what is the most convenient for you.

Best shipping costs

Ship with courier partners you already know. All rates can be found in one place. Finding the best courier across Australia is quick and easy.

Cost-free storage for 30 days

Nothing better than zero cost. Let us free you from the cost burden of storing goods by stowing them cost-free in our warehouse for 30 days with your first inbound shipment!

Locad is the best warehouse you can choose for your Australian business.

With our best industry knowledge, Locad is ready to help you. Our warehouse service has always been a strong point for us, and now we want to broaden our horizons and provide you with the best service possible

You can get involved by becoming one of our partners today. Sign up to become partners and let’s get your e-commerce business started.

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