How to Take Advantage of TikTok Sale Events of the Year

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TikTok sale events are one of the things that can often drive audiences to flock to the short-video sharing platform for special sales and promos.

When we speak of sale events, we often think of special calendar days or occasion-themed events. In most cases, TikTok sellers can take advantage of TikTok sale events to boost sales.

In this piece, we will try to look at ways how you can optimize these sale events to hopefully grow your business.

In most countries, “mega sales” and “holiday sales” have become very popular, so much so that TikTok sellers often focus their marketing efforts on these mega-events.

Calendar events are often tied up to sound storytelling and many other creative options that you can use. Perhaps you can tailor your TikTok Ad campaign, or create your TikTok videos with the special event in mind.

Originally a music lip-syncing app, TikTok has transformed into a melting pot of culture and subcultures. Users can post and share TikTok videos (or what others may call “TikToks”) using catchy soundbites, song clips, and an easy-but-fun array of options for video editing. With this in mind, perhaps you can also create themed TikTok videos based on events.

The content on TikTok varies greatly: users are known to post song covers, lifestyle edits, and digital art. It is also known as an app for social media influencers, stand-up comedians, and a variation of performances, all for the sake of entertainment.

Videos or “TikToks” that are uploaded in the app have complicated origins, and sometimes they reference events that can only be understood by the “chronically online.”

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when looking at TikTok sale events.

Polish your Content

“Chronically online” is a new phrase used to describe the 2000s generation. Born into the technology age, using social media and the internet as a medium for self-expression and finding internet friends has become quite the norm. In the technology age, sharing your recent purchase online, whether it be clothes, books, or food, is perfectly normal and even encouraged.

References in TikToks go as far back as the early 2000s to the 2010s. The more authentic and relatable a post is, the more likely it is to create waves in the social media environment.

A certain sense of commonality between groups of people can transform into micro trends. Take, for example, Crocs. Crocs, a very popular slipper company known for its quirky designs started in the early 2000s and after 20 years after many young adults and millennials have gone back and bought themselves a pair. Crocs are customizable with Jibbitz and sparkles. It is decked with the charm of personalization, which goes to show how far an individual will go to express their uniqueness. Nostalgia is a veritable marketing strategy. 

Culture and entertainment become the driving force behind what an average TikToker purchases in a given timeline. It can be a good predictor. The term “Shoppertainment” comes to mind as product demand created by users can be a great opportunity for business ideas.

The best business marketing model takes into account common experiences that are driven by shared community goals. Nobody likes impersonal ads, tasteless song clips, bland soundbites, and unrelatable video ideas. A business marketing model should be community-driven, created with the echoes of culture kept in mind, and specifically curated. 81% of Tiktok users say that video content influences their recent purchasing decisions. The more relatable a campaign is, the higher the participation and engagement there will be.

Know the Trends and Apply them to Your TikTok Sale Event

First, let us take a look at some “tech engines” or apps that can help you keep track of microtrends:

Buzzsumo. This app helps you identify which phrase or word is currently buzzing around the web, which in turn, can help you choose a name for your marketing campaign or website name. Applying these buzzwords in your chosen web domain or ad campaign can boost your visibility, especially when people input these phrases into a search engine. Your web domain or ad campaign has a higher chance of being seen and accessed.

Buffer. This is a multi-use engine that puts all your account feeds into a singular, visual hub. In turn, it can help you target niche groups in a social media platform, and curate their niche trends. Buffer is used during the planning stage, and even during the execution stage, as it keeps track of what’s trending in different groups in a singular app.

Mention. Mention can help you keep track of your competition, by aligning and comparing your marketing campaign with another business’s marketing campaign. When used wisely, Mention can help predict which Ad strategy works, and which does not.

Followerwonk. This app can help you learn more about your Twitter audience. By widening your target audience to different social media apps like Twitter, event planners can predict online habits through deep audience analysis. This can help gauge when you should post your campaign.

Lasso. For your videos, Lasso is an easy-to-use creative video-editing tool. This can serve as a viable option if you do not want to spend a bit more on professional video-editing applications.

Use your Analytics and Other Apps

Aside from trends, there are also other apps that you can use to monitor the growth of your marketing campaign. Here are a few:

Brandwatch Analytics. This app lets you create a dashboard that monitors how many mentions and engagements your hashtags and ads get. This social engagement dashboard can prove if your marketing strategy is working. Providing proof that your marketing strategy is working also helps attract sponsorships and deals.

SumAll. This can help you monitor all your social e-commerce and advertising programs in one platform.

Keyhole. Aside from campaign monitoring, this app also offers influencer discovery, brand reaction analysis, real-time event monitoring, and deep market research insights.

MobileMonkey. This app is used for delivering chat blasts, lead list building, and drip campaigns, directly into Facebook Messenger. This can be applied during the planning stage and even in the execution stage.

If This Then That (IFTTT). This is particularly helpful for TikTok sales events as this app can help you automate information sharing in different social media accounts. Instead of manually inputting valuable information one at a time, If This Then That automatically fills up the identical information in several platforms.

Apps for Building your Brand Reputation

While TikTok sale events are a great way to boost your business, building your brand can take your e-commerce ventures further. Let’s look at a few apps that can help you achieve this.

Medium. This app is a free publishing space where event speakers can share their personal stories or expertise. Use this

Discord is a popular app that can connect people together through voicechat and even videochat. It’s free and accessible and can hold an infinite number of people in its channels. Discord moderators can create up to 500 channels and apply a user limit if need be. This makes an excellent medium where creators and VIP members of the target audience can interact.

Viber is a WiFi messaging app that can connect sponsors and partners in a single thread.

WhatsApp is also a WiFi messaging app that can also be used to create a business profile for your event. You can add photos, the event address and contact details, and relevant links.

These tech engines can help you grow your brand in the long run. The goal is to build a brand that will last for decades. Refer to these tech engines to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Preparing for a Sale Event

To build a brand that will last, many many businesses will go through several trial-and-error stages. Yearly events like TikTok sale events, however, are quick to cycle through the seasons. These large-scale shopping events happen on set dates, usually by the second half of the year.

For example, “mega sales” events represent crucial shopping seasons for all businesses, as it is proven that 9 out of 10 TikTok users look forward to the sales season every year.

Business marketing models must prepare at least a week before a sale period. A week of preparation will include a trial-and-error stage, where event planners will throw in an ad campaign, and discern whether an advertisement strategy will work, and which will not. There must be a wealth of ideas for ad campaigns, or multiple backups for ad strategies if ever the first or the second wave of campaigns provide obsolete results.

Event planners of the business should cycle through these efficiently, use and reuse which strategies work and be watchful of what doesn’t. If an ad campaign isn’t delivering the desired engagements, consider increasing the target audience or the bid to speed up the learning process. If a campaign is still not providing the desired social engagements after the set amount of time, be prepared to create another advertisement strategy with new creatives and configurations.

TikTok’s algorithm is an event planner’s friend. The trial-and-error stage might seem fruitless, but as engagements adjust the algorithm, a product or a business idea will eventually reach its particular niche. Time and resources, however, should always be taken into account.

On the other hand, too many changes can also provide an unclear image for your brand or your product. This might confuse the audience and force your business to double back. Avoid fixing what doesn’t need fixing. A thorough look into your brand’s history can change future decisions.

Brand reputation is very important. You can use Brandwatch Analytics or SumAll to monitor your social growth. The result of these tech engines can attract sponsorships and deals. Remember that ad campaigns during TikTok sale events are best appreciated when done through co-creation. Partnerships with influencers or other businesses can help define your brand reputation.

How Companies Take Advantage of TikTok Sales Events

Finding the most relevant marketing solutions to fulfill your business goals can be difficult. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how companies managed to effectively use consumer trends as a tool to sell their product.

In Indonesia, BARDI Smart Home is a popular smart home appliances brand that wanted to drive sales and engage meaningfully with its target audience in real-time. What the company did was set up a native TikTok shop with Live Shopping Ads, driving users to a Live Shopping livestream. The brand also used TikTok Creators to host some sessions within the 24-hour livestream for maximum entertainment. As a result, the smart home appliances brand achieved a cost-per-effective view of less than $0.1 and drove over 370 products sold for its “mega sales” event.

In the Philippines, PureGo is an online grocery store and supermarket chain which promises quick deliveries, especially around the metro. With its Christmas campaign, PureGo was able to take advantage of the local market’s tendencies. PureGo used timely ad campaigns to set up a holiday theme, which in turn, appealed to Filipinos who usually splurge during the holidays.

By using TikTok’s Collection Ads format, which includes a fast-loading Instant Gallery Page where users can browse a curated gallery of product cards, users were able to click through PureGo’s website, where they could make purchases or access more information on the products.

As a result, PureGo achieved a $0.07 cost per page view on the Instant Gallery Page. Of the users who entered a product landing page, more than 23% clicked on a call-to-action or product to get more information, and of those 76% clicked through to PureGo’s website.

TikTok Sale Events Opportunities

TikTok sale events provide ample opportunities for e-commerce businesses. An industry report said 4 in 10 Tiktok users purchase something during mega sales after watching ads. This piece of valuable statistic is important because it is one of the highest among any other social media platforms.

Taking advantage of TikTok sale events, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds, as brand growth through ad campaigns is cultivated through trial and error, carefulness, and enough social awareness.

It is also worth it that e-commerce companies plan for long-term goals. Another industry report said 89% of TikTok users are inclined to buy again even after the “mega sales” season.

TikTok sale events can also solidify consumer loyalty. The challenge then is how to further develop your brand and how to consistently improve your content.

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