Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Shipping delays and messy order fulfillment can leave customers heartbroken. From warehouses to websites and all the way to your customer, floor your customers with swift order fulfillment.
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Valentine’s Day Fulfillment that’s Faster than Cupid’s Arrow

Whether it is local order fulfillment or international valentine’s gift delivery, having the right e-commerce fulfillment partner for your online store on Valentine’s Day can help you bridge the distance between your customers and their loved ones.

Cloud Powered

Unify order processing, fulfillment and returns in a cloud-based Order Management System that connects with your online stores.

Strong Presence

Store Valentine’s Day sale inventory across Locad’s warehouses located across Southeast Asia and Australia.

Fast Fulfillment

Delight early Valentine’s and last minute shoppers with fast shipping, same day dispatch, next day delivery.

Custom Pick & Pack

Add the Valentine’s touch to your gifts via customized pick-and-pack services, returns management.


This Valentine’s Day sale, don’t get stood up when it comes to inventory storage. Access flexible storage and infra that grows with your business.

Easy on the Pocket

Don’t let customers say no to you. Win their hearts by offering affordable shipping rates by partnering with top logistics partners.

Love Knows No Borders, and Neither Should Your Valentine’s Day Fulfillment!

Treat your customers with fast shipping timelines, affordable local and international shipping options, and Instagram-worthy gift unboxing experiences without eating into your profit margins.
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Great network coverage

Shoppers want the best gift and want it sent to their loved ones fast. Locad’s warehouse network lets you send orders anywhere quickly.

Sweeten up Shopping

By opting for a scalable infrastructure to support your business, give your shoppers a great deal this Valentine’s Day.

Be Local, and Reach Global

This Valentine’s day, let your e-commerce brand tap into cross-border markets and ship gifts that reach shoppers far and wide.

It’s a Match

Get attractive shipping rates for your Valentine’s gifts and deal through our e-commerce logistics partners across southeast Asia and Australia.

Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Win Hearts with Our best-in-class Valentine’s Day Order Fulfillment

Locad ensures that you are well prepared ahead of the big Valentine’s Day sale. Get the best of tech, infrastructure, process and logistics to make every gift a worthy experience.

Don’t go out-of-stock

Track inventory levels across warehouses and restock them through Locad’s mid-mile solution.

Stay Closer, Reach Faster

Store products across our Warehouses closer to urban cities whilst extending coverage to remote areas.

Personalize your Branding

Wrap your orders just the way you like it from packing materials, fillers, inserts, all the way to bundling.

Multichannel Sync

Use the same tools, space and process to unify all your sales channels and fulfill Valentine’s Day orders.

Simplify Tracking

Know where your orders are right from sourcing to restocking and all the way to the last-mile.

Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Our logistics engine help you bring people closer this Valentiene’s Day

E-commerce Fulfillment | Cross Border Expansion | Multi-channel Selling | Mid-mile Logistics | IoR, SoR and Trade Services|

Capture Hearts and Fulfill Orders Across Multiple E-commerce Platforms

  • Keep your store rating high with highly precise and affordable order fulfilment
  • Connect with multiple sales channels via Locad’s OMS and warehouse network
  • Access expert logistics partner across different Asia Pacific region
  • Consolidate orders from multiple channels to glean into actionable insights
warehouse staff smiling inside a warehouse locad fulfillment
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Breakups are Messy, Unless you Move on to Locad

Saying goodbye to an ex is tough, but with Locad, we make it a worthy move. Seamlessly transition from your current fufillment partner without facing any blackout periods. Say “Yes” to an inventory-light and distributed framework to woo shoppers on any platform, floor them with a good deal and ship orders to customers anywhere.

Perks That’re as Good as That Box of Chocolate

Whether it is Southeast Asia, Australia or the entire globe, Locad comes with a suite of perks to accelerate your business growth, amplify visibility and boost sales.
Are you in Love with Your 3PL?

Scalable Plans

We’ve carefully put together plans, customizable based on your business needs, goals and sales volume.

Unlock $250K USD

Script your success with Locad’s Partnership ecosystem of e-commerce enablers and get up to $250K worth of credits.

Value Add-ons

Simplify inventory storage, management, picking and packing operations with Locad’s value-added services.

This Valentine’s Day, Say Yes to Locad

Roses are red, violets are blue Unbox fulfillment that’s perfect for customers and you!

Exclusive benefits to ace your e-commerce game this 2023 with Locad’s desk calendar!