End-to-end fulfillment solution

LOCAD is a cloud logistics network that fulfills e-commerce orders for entrepreneurs and enterprises. As a reliable multi-channel fulfillment partner, we are committed to shortening transit times, providing lower shipping costs, and taking your customer delivery experience to the next level.

With our integrated technology, international warehouse network, and dedicated team of logistic experts, we build a more sustainable future for e-commerce businesses.


LOCAD is more than your average fulfillment service

We help you automate your business through multi-channel fulfillment and on-demand warehousing. We tailor our services to your needs by creating flexible fulfillment plans custom-built for you and your business.

On-demand Warehousing

We optimize your inventory distribution by spreading them across our international warehouse network to reduce shipping cost and deliver to your customer faster. With our flexible and customizable plans, you only pay for the space you need with the option to scale at any time.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce

With our integrated cloud technology, we make it easier for you to run your business on multiple online multiple stores and marketplaces. No matter where your customer orders from, we make sure the right products are found, allocated, and delivered to your customer on time.

International Distribution

Our automated systems find optimal carriers with the shortest transit times and lowest shipping rates for your packages. We operate a large network of fulfillment centers around the world that speed up delivery times and reduce cost for both domestic and international shipping – allowing you to keep your customers happy, no matter where they are.

LOCAD Features

Flexible Warehousing

Scalable and on-demand warehousing capacity

Last-Mile Carrier Integrations

Preferential shipping rates and centralized carrier management with leading providers in the Asia-Pacific

E-Commerce Fulfillment Software

Cloud-based software that consolidates and unifies order and inventory management data

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Built-in analytics for up-to-date visibility and easy report generation

Distributed Inventory

Access to a global network of warehouses to shorten delivery times and reduce last-mile transport cost

International Expansion

Opportunities for global business growth through an international fulfillment network powered by services across Asia-Pacific

LOCAD is built for everyone

For newly set-up local businesses to global enterprises, we have custom plans purpose-built for any and every type of business. Our flexible plans follow a pay-as-you-go scheme which allows you to save more, spend less, and avoid hidden fees.

For E-commerce brands
For Enterprise

How It Works


Connect your store

Connect and in-sync with all your sales channels. We have Plug & Play integration to marketplaces and shop platforms.


Store your inventory

We store your inventory in any combination of fulfillment centers and help you select ideal warehouse locations and shipping partners.


Start Selling

When the customer places an order, we automatically process and ship it from the nearest fulfillment center. Our dashboard keeps you up-to-date in real-time.

LOCAD Dashboard

We provide you with real-time visibility on our fulfillment operations through our built-in analytics tools. With easily generated reports, you can get an in-depth analysis of which warehouse locations you should restock, update average order value, storage and fulfillment cost per order, remaining days of inventory left, and much more. We show you the essential data you need so you can make more effective and strategic decisions for your business.

Map of Southeast Asia and Australia

Distributed Fulfillment Network in Asia-Pacific

We ship orders within 24 hours. Reduce our delivery time with local warehousing and strategic inventory distribution using LOCAD’s fulfillment network.

Talk to a Fulfillment Expert

What our clients say

Meryll Yan

When you have a partner like Locad, you can allow yourself to be healthier, to rest a bit, and to have energy to put back into the business. What Locad has helped me with is it has taken care of the present and the urgent so I can be forward-thinking again and for that, I am super grateful.

Francis Ramos
Owner, Shave Manila

Locad helped me a lot. It made 80% of the business easier to manage. The main outcome I really wanted from outsourcing [fulfillment] is the extra time for myself and for my family and with Locad, I was able to get that time back.

KJM Cosmetics

Since partnering with LOCAD, our business could focus less on the fulfillment process and more on the other aspects. As as result, there is an increase in our sales and conversion rate right away! Kudos to their awesome team! Very professional and approachable.

Benefits of Working with LOCAD

Grow your business with smart fulfillment by LOCAD. Win loyal customers with faster shipping, reduce logistics cost, expand easily to new markets, and stop worrying about fulfillment while you focus on your business.

Fast Shipping

We ship orders within 24 hours. Reduce your delivery time with local warehousing and strategic inventory distribution using LOCAD's fulfillment network.


Cost-friendly fulfillment rates with free storage for 30 days. Flexible payments terms which let you pay only for the capacity you need. Spend less on shipping costs by maximizing multiple warehouses.

Simple and user-friendly

We provide you with all the tools you need to set up, manage, and track your business operations. Our LOCAD Control Tower syncs your orders, inventory, and data automatically across all your sales channels.

Plug & Play

Looking for a specific API integration? We've got you covered. Choose from any of our pre-built APIs and connect your sales channels in just a click of a button.


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