Furnishing a Successful Business: How Little Mountain Increased Order Fulfilment Capacity by 2x with Locad

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Learn how furniture and home decor distributor Little Mountain Collection increased sales and fulfilled more orders by outsourcing fulfillment to LOCAD.

Key Metrics

  • 10% increase in sales since working with LOCAD
  • 2x increase in order fulfillment capacity
  • Positive feedback from customers on delivery speed and packaging

About Little Mountain Collection

Founded in October 2020, Little Mountain is a furniture and home decor business born out of a desire for a well-decorated home. Owner Niki Fan explained that building a business came second to refurbishing her own living space during the pandemic. “That’s how my business started – when I bought something for myself,” she shared. From mainland China Niki, she found it difficult to find furniture and decor that was visually appealing, of good quality, and within budget locally. This pushed her to turn to brands based in China. And as she thought of the possibility of other individuals faced with a similar set of problems, she thought of putting up an e-commerce furniture and decor business of her own. 

Two years later, Niki remains faithful to her brand ethos of only selling pieces that she would actually buy herself. Out of their carefully curated selection of premium quality furniture pieces and home decor, the brand is best known for their carpets and designer chairs. The style of their products falls somewhere between vintage and mid-century designer, best suited for both traditional and contemporary homes. 

Furnishing a Successful Business: How Little Mountain Increased Order Fulfilment Capacity by 2x with Locad

One-Woman Fulfilment Team

At the onset of putting up her business, Niki shares that she was a one-woman show running Little Mountain – from sales, marketing, operations to fulfillment. “I’m selling furniture and bulky items which are hard to lift,” she explained. “So before, my friends had to help me pack them because I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.” With no set fulfillment infrastructure in place, Niki was only able to fulfill 4 to 5 orders a day at maximum. And with the growing e-commerce demand and popularity of her products, her business growth reached a standstill – leaving her to make room for change.

Furnishing a Successful Business: How Little Mountain Increased Order Fulfilment Capacity by 2x with Locad
Little Mountain Collection CEO, Niki Fan

While she initially entertained the idea of renting out a warehouse herself and hiring her own employees, Niki shared that her unfamiliarity with the industry hindered her from pushing through. Instead, her friend recommended she inquire with cloud logistics company LOCAD. Learning about LOCAD’s fast, flexible and affordable services that could automate logistics and order delivery for her business, Niki immediately outsourced fulfillment and warehousing to LOCAD. “ And since [switching to LOCAD], my business started growing faster because I can focus on my operations which is what I’m good at,” said Niki. 

With LOCAD’s fulfillment services, Little Mountain is now able to ship 10 to 20 orders a day. 

Data-Driven Strategies and Decisions

Having partnered with LOCAD in May 2021, Niki shares that there has been a significant increase in orders and a 10% increase in sales. She credits this growth to the time she is now able to allot to marketing while she lets LOCAD professionally handle fulfillment. 

“Since I started working with LOCAD, I’ve found that they have been improving and growing with Little Mountain,” she said. The continuous updates and upgrades to the LOCAD Control Tower have also allowed her to effectively use and analyze data in crafting online campaign strategies. “I can easily find my inventory data and selling data as well as where orders are in the process of fulfillment,” she said. “The LOCAD Control Tower is very easy to work with and I never need to worry about fulfillment and packing orders anymore.” 

Outsourcing Fulfilment Grows Business

Beyond getting orders to the doors of her customers, LOCAD has also impacted customer satisfaction.“I got really good feedback with packaging from my customers saying delivery was fast and the packaging was very secure’, Niki shared. Understanding the nature and fragility of the products that Little Mountain is selling online, LOCAD ensures that all orders are packed carefully and can withstand transit periods and handling. 

“LOCAD gave me more free time to focus on my operations, do more promotions, and campaigns online, and appeal to more customers. I can only focus on my selling with no worry at all about fulfillment because LOCAD does it very well and professionally.”

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