How to Remove TikTok Watermark and Use it for Your TikTok Shop

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TikTok, with its swipe-up video feature, reinvented the way we consume entertainment material on social media. But that revolutionary offering that makes your thumbs work on muscle memory, and frankly, takes up your hours on your phone more than usual, is not just a social networking marvel. It also has reshaped how e-commerce brands promote their products. 

With TikTok content, you can now show demonstrations of how the products are used in real-life situations. You can also create DIY projects or recipe videos featuring your favorite, best-selling products among the selection in your online store. However, with all the beauty it brings to our digital marketing practices, there is a teeny-tiny problem that gets more… obstructive and even annoying at times – the Tiktok watermark. The watermark is that tiny, moving graphic stamp that shows up on your TikTok content with the social media platform’s logo and your personal username. And you’re probably wondering how to save a TikTok video without the watermark. 

Yeah, we all get it. It is to make sure that there is some level of copyright protection by showing the video content’s origin. But it is a bummer sometimes when you already got the perfect shot, and then you can’t repost it anywhere because the TikTok watermark goes to make it look off-brand. If ever you are worried about ways to save or download TikTok videos without watermark, then this article is for you! Even better, we are also going to throw in some things you can now do with your watermark-less video. 

What you can do with a TikTok video without a watermark

Before we go on removing that watermark, we would like to give you some insightful examples of where and how you can use them to improve and streamline your content across social media platforms to make your cross-channel brand appearance look more harmonious and integrated. 

TikTok provides you with an easy platform in which you can produce video content to market your product. It is intuitive and beginner-friendly, to say the least. But the watermark on the TikTok video — that stubborn thing – hinders your means to use and repurpose content across channels. There are a handful of things with a watermark-less video and here are some:

Repurpose your content across social media

Once the watermark is removed, you can crosspost your TikTok video onto your other channels. With TikTok’s vertical video format and swipe-up interface, most social media platforms have released their versions of the experience. For instance, in recent months, we have seen the rollout of Facebook and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and even Twitter has reframed their video experience with the swipe-up function. 

Shooting and editing your video on TikTok and reposting it to your other social media channels is a smart move. With an intuitive shooting and editing interface, a variety of filters and effects, ability to add text and voiceovers, TikTok is a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs. And with other platforms adopting TikTok’s strong suits, you can now hit very many birds with one stone – that is, when you are victorious in removing the watermark!

Use TikTok videos for product listings

Another cool use of your TikTok videos can be within your product listings. We might not notice it all the time, but aside from our social media channels, the most loyal customers spend hours lurking in our online store profiles on Shopee, Lazada, Shopify, WooCommerce, the TikTok Shop, and whatnot. 

With your TikTok content, you can now integrate your demonstration video, or just a clip of it, within your product listings, making it easier for a customer who checks out your products to see it in actual use. That way, you also lessen their effort and time in deciding, because the proof is right there – in a creative video output one click away. The square (1:1) video format works best alongside your product’s best photos, so if you’re going to use the crop option in removing the watermark, you should choose the square format. Also, you would like to consider that in shooting the video – that your product can be thoroughly seen in the vertical 16:9 format and even the square 1:1 format.

Compilations are better

Repurposing is not just for cross-channel efforts. Sometimes, you also want to reuse your best-performing videos and just throw in some little updates or edits here and there. Aside from that, you can also release a compilation of your best content, say, at the end of the month, or the year, or a promotional campaign. 

When you take watermark off TikTok videos, you can cook up your compilation of your best and favorite content, without any fear that they look disorderly or unprofessional. 

You can use user-generated content for your brand

When you run a hashtag or challenge campaign, there will inevitably be nuggets of golden video content made by other TikTok users that you just want to use on your official brand channels. You’ve already connected to the TikTok user who made that wonderful video, but you have your hesitations because although they have allowed you to use their content for your brand’s channel, there is one little complication. The watermark is still there. 

Since you’re grateful already for your loyal customer’s help with the content, you, of course, don’t want to bug them to do just the same content, but this time by removing the TikTok video’s watermark. Or, you also want to do a compilation of the best user-generated content, but you’re worried it might just be an array of watermarks from different users and the privacy considerations of reposting your customer’s video.

Now the ways and tools that we are about to teach you are a range of options you can use for different purposes. These four ways are not at all definitive, but the choices are broad enough to cover most of the situations you might be in, and the purposes for which you want to remove the watermark. 

3 ways of removing the watermark from a TikTok video 

There are simply a variety of ways you can remove the watermark from your TikTok video. Three of them are listed here. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you in determining the best fit for what you want to achieve your goal, a TikTok video without the watermark. However, some of the options can affect the aspect ratio and resolution of your videos so be mindful of the settings in your method of choice.

Crop with your smartphone’s built-in video editor

TikTok is both available in major app stores like the iOS App Store for iPhone users, and the Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery for Android users. In these phones, there usually are native, built-in video editors in the Gallery apps. You can just download the video from your TikTok app, and crop it to the size of your liking.

Beware though, cropping changes the aspect ratio of your video, so this might not be a good idea for reposting on channels where you would particularly use the vertical format. This can be used for repurposing videos in situations where you use the Facebook square format post, an Instagram post, or for when you would like to add your video to your product listings. Just make sure that no important detail from the video will be lost once you crop. 

On Android:

  1. Open Google Photos, choose and play the downloaded TikTok video.
  2. Click the Edit icon and select the Crop icon, and a crop box appears.
  3. Click Free to adjust the slider on the end of the crop box to crop out the watermark, or choose Square, 16:9, 4:3, or 3:2 to crop the video as you like.
  4. Once done, click the Save copy to save the cropped TikTok video.

On iOS:

  1. Open the Photos app, find and play the target TikTok video, and tap on Edit.
  2. Click on the Crop icon and adjust the shape of that box to remove the TikTok watermark.
  3. Finally, click Done to save the video.

Use a video editing tool for your TikTok video

Video editing tools of whatever your choice can be another of your go-to options for removing your TikTok videos’ watermarks. These apps let you easily edit and save TikTok videos without the watermark. But these can be more complicated than simple cropping. Video editing tools available online and offline, though, have a variety of more advanced features that can help you maintain aspect ratio and resolution. 

You might feel a bit more creative and want to sprinkle some edits, filters, emojis, ribbons, or more things in the same alley – video editing tools can let you do that. The best offline apps such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro can help you blur the watermark, or even do pixel replacement if you can handle the learning curve. On the other hand, online video editing tools such as Kapwing can be a viable option for you if you don’t want to tread that complicated path and you’re just finding ways to cover up the watermark and put on some decor on your video while maintaining your vertical format.

Here, we give you the instructions to do video editing to cover up the watermark using an emoji on the Kapwing website. 

  1. Go to the Kapwing website, and log in. Then click the New Content to open the editor window.
  2. Click “Add Media” to upload the downloaded TikTok video and add it to the timeline.
  3. Click the Elements at the left menu bar, browse for the desired shape or emojis, and click it to add the shape or emoji to the video.
  4. Drag the emoji and convert the TikTok watermark, and you can also adjust the size of the emoji by dragging the mouse.
  5. Play the video and stop when the watermark appears again and add the second emoji. And you can play the video again and drag the right end of the emoji on the timeline to adjust the length and to make sure the watermarks are covered.
  6. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Export Video and choose Export as MP4 to export the TikTok video and click Download to download and save it on your computer.

Use an app to save your TikTok video without a watermark

There is a multitude of apps, free and with in-app purchases, that you can use to remove TikTok watermarks or save a watermark-less copy of them via your smartphone or laptop. Apps like SaveTik, SaveTok, SaverTok, TokSaver, and TikSaver are apps wherein you can put the link of your TikTok video and afterward, download a copy of your exact uploaded video sans the watermark. Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize which is among those similar names because they all just work the same way. 

Word of caution though, none of these apps are officially affiliated nor are they sanctioned by TikTok. These are third-party apps that are designed to bypass TikTok’s automatic process of including watermarks. A big downside is that when TikTok changes its API, these apps might not work altogether until they can adapt to the changes TikTok introduced.

Most of them also come with subscriptions to access more advanced features or unlimited downloads. Although there are free-to-download versions, they are that classic free app that makes up for its free-ness with a bombardment of apps from assorted brands. Not neat to look at, when you’re in a hurry to batch-process your videos. These ads can only be removed through a subscription. 

This subscription, aside from removing ads, can be worth your money if you are also planning to maximize its included scheduling and sharing functions. This can work in handy if you’re working with a larger volume of content. Whether you choose free or want to get a subscription, we outlined for you a guide to save your TikTok video without a watermark from SaverTok, which has a free version available online.

  1. Download your app of choice from the App/Play Store.
  2. Open the app. It may prompt you to purchase a subscription or a free trial.
  3. Add a video. To do this, open TikTok and find the video you want to download without a watermark. Tap “Share” and then tap “Copy link.”
  4. Open your watermark remover app again. It will automatically import the video. From there, you can download it without the watermark by tapping the “Save” icon.

The watermark is no longer your TikTok waterloo

With these tips, we hope you now have the proper knowledge and the range of options you can use to remove the waterloo that is a watermark and download TikTok videos without watermarks. Make your content more harmonious, more integrated, and solid with these tools, combined with your tried and tested TikTok-making techniques!

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